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The local TV news channels last evening showed quick photos of the ice jams on the Connecticut River as well as the Hoosatonic River. The river ice has been reported to be 6″ to 9″ thick +/- and was jamming up at the “Swing Bridge” in East Haddam after the rain and quick thaw that had followed two weeks of constant sub-freezing temperatures.  I think the jam reaches up to Hartford and beyond.

Sooooo, after a quick lunch I headed first to the Mall to return something I’d purchased a couple of days ago, then a quick visit to the MD (everything’s fine). Yes I had a warm hooded coat on, LL Bean  boots, so I thought I was well protected from the cold. Let’s not forget the heavy jeans, turtleneck and sweater as well. My almost ready for retirement GPS got me to East Haddam. Not surprisingly, I was not the only one foolhardy enough to be there on this 30°F afternoon with a nice strong NW wind blowing.

Sure enough the ice was piled up all over the place. There were traffic jams and horns blaring in the tiny parking lot and to get across a lane of traffic took more patience than a lot of drivers had been blessed with.

The USCoast Guard ice-breakers were nowhere to be seen. Apparently they never left Essex. These had been ordered after the local public officials had declared an “emergency state”. And rumor has it that the Swing Bridge has been damaged by the jam and will be unable to open to allow boat traffic to venture up stream or come down to Long Island Sound.  There has even been talk about dynamiting the Hoosatonic River jams.

All-right, enough! Let’s see the pictures. Please note, the young boy sliding on the ice is wearing shorts. Where was his mother?? The triangular wedge of ice that’s pushing up the dock in front of the Shad Shack is enormous and the rest of the photos are simply surreal.

As always, just click on an image to start your slide show.  CP, this one’s for you!