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An altogether too short trip to Cape Cod renewed my love for the Cape.. I was attending a CAFCA conference of Community Action Agencies throughout New England at the Sea Crest Hotel on Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth, Massachusetts..
The topics of the session were timely and were tailored to be appropriate to either Board Members (me), Directors and other staff from these agencies.

The hotel was lovely and the staff extremely pleasant and helpful. When I’ve traveled in the past and brought a bathing suit, my room has been miles removed from any swimming pool or beach and I’m not one to waltz through an entire hotel lobby to get to a pool.  Well, we all know who did not bring a suit.

Yes, my room looked out onto a lovely salt water pool accessible through a door conveniently located beside my windows and the beach was maybe 100′ away and readily accessible as well.
I had arrived early on Sunday morning and planned to do some sightseeing since the weather was spectacular.

I drove to Woods Hole specifically to see and photograph the the Nobska Lighthouse. Yes, that’s it totally wrapped in some protective covering as it undergoes major restoration.
I have memories of staying with a girlfriend and her family when I was around 10 years of age at a beautiful home in the area. My parents had come down from the Boston area to visit as well and I still remember walking down the hill from the house with my dad, crossing some railroad tracks that are now a bike trail while singing “Down By the Station….” at the top of our lungs. I found the site once again and as I was driving down the hill, yes you know what I was singing.

I stopped at one of the many beaches, took my shoes off and rolled up my pants legs. The beachcomber in me wanted to find treasure but I think the just passed storm had washed everything out to sea. nonetheless the water was lovely. Crystal clear and calm.

I’ve included some photographs of the views at Nobska Lighthouse. the Sea Crest and Old Silver Beach.

As always, click on any image to start a slide show.  Enjoy.  ep