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Plans were made, cancelled and remade. Buttonwood Farm was having it’s annual “Sunflowers for Wishes” event all week. If you’re not familiar with this event, it is the farm’s fundraiser for the “Make a Wish Foundation” raising well over $100,000 every summer from the sale of the farm’s sunflower bouquets.
The weather has not been great. (major understatement). But by

Monday the weather gurus were promising a glorious day today (Wednesday) and I took them at their word.
I picked Shel up at 9:15 this cool, sunny, low humidity morning, arriving at Buttonwood’s shortly before 10:00 AM. We were not the first to arrive but as the morning wore on, we were glad we had arrived as early as we did.A new feature had been added since my last visit.  A “cow train” for the youngsters. Each child has his or her own “cow” to sit in.   It was really quite cute and the little kids loved it.
We bought our tickets for the hay wagon ride to see the layout of the farm stopping to feed some beautiful cows with hay that had been conveniently left under our seats and another photo-op in the middle of 450,000 sunflowers. The driver had explained to us that the farm had planted that many seeds at staggered intervals in May to ensure a continuing bloom during this special week.
Well, Shel and I got separated in the field of blooms but we eventually emerged and agreed that it was quite a site to behold.
Did I mention that in addition to the sale of sunflower bouquets that this is a farm known for miles around for it’s ice cream?? Have you ever had ice cream and only ice cream for lunch?? We did! Shel had a scoop of a peanut butter concoction and a scoop of “dark and stormy” I believe. It looked delish! As for me, I passed on my usual chocolate chip types of Ice cream and opted for “tropical”. A scoop of key lime pie ice cream topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream. Sublimely delicious. Yes, a pun intended!
The parking lot by then was filled, infants to grandparents by the score, the road out in front chock-a-block with cars but everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. The Buick was well behaved as we extricated ourselves from the parking lot and headed back to Colchester.
I’m a volunteer receptionist at the Senior Center on Wednesday afternoons and I had made them aware that I might be a few minutes late. The AM receptionist kindly stayed on until my arrival (only about 5 minutes behind my scheduled start time). it was a quiet and uneventful afternoon following our morning of kids, cows and cones.  If you have “bee” issues, please be aware that they are in the fields with the flowers.

Enjoy the images, make a trip out to the farm this week..google will give you all the information.  As always, click on any image to begin your slide show.  ep