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An almost perfect end to this July 4th. What’s not to love? All of the main heading of this post of course.
1. Baseball: The Ct Tigers were scheduled to play the Vermont Lake Monsters at 7:05 PM this evening.
2. Hot dogs were a “buck”. That’s what the marketing piece said.
3. Another perk: free apple pies to the first I don’t know how many
4. Fireworks after the game sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union.
To be continued: it’s 11:50 PM and I can’t stop yawning.

AHHH, 8:30 AM,  toast, coffee and yogurt

I arrived at Senator Thomas Dodd Memorial Stadium a bit early, walked into the stadium, stopping  to chat with some young ladies from Navy Federal Credit Union who sponsored the fireworks display.  I had found, on line, a front row seat in Section 7 overlooking the Tigers’ dugout.  the game got underway on time and sadly, the outcome was not what was hoped for by the 6,200 +/- fans.  Vermont Lake Monsters 5, Tigers 4.  After dark, we were treated to a “blizzard” of moths.(no exaggeration)   Apparently they were drawn to the lights!  (yuck)

It was truly a fun, family event with little challenges for a few kids, sincere thanks conveyed by the announcer to the veterans and civil servants, a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem sung as it should be by a lovely young woman.  During the 7th inning stretch after we’dall belted out a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” an older gentleman sang “America the Beautiful”.  Both of these solos were unaccompanied by any musical background and excellent.  The youngster sitting next to me had a ball tossed to him by one of the Tigers in the dugout right in front of us.  He was so thrilled!  The little girl who ran 3 bases was a trooper for sure!

Then: we were instructed by the PA system to count down from 10, the huge lights went down and BANG!  the show had started.

Finally:  the phrase one of my English teachers hated—–“a great time was had by all”.

But lets not talk about the traffic exiting the parking lots!  But Congrats to the Norwich PD for a job well done.

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