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Last week there was an article in our local weekly newspaper about “Pen-turning at Cragin”.
The location is our Cragin Memorial Library here in Colchester. “Central Connecticut Wood turners will be on hand with lathes and materials to help people make their very own wood pen“.
I had been thinking it might be interesting so I arrived at the library around 11:00 AM. There were 4 intimidating looking lathes set up and a number of club members there instructing attendees. I took a seat next to a gentleman who was waiting for his wife to finish her project and he very proudly showed me his pen. It was stunning!
Hmmm, can I possible do anything like that? It’s my turn now and Tom begins to show me what we have to do.
After an introduction to the lathe and the tools we donned our safety glasses and proceeded to remove all of the wood that was not “pen”. We started with 2 identical pieces of wood.

It took less than an hour from start to finish and I’m now the proud owner of a turned walnut wood pen which may be a birthday gift for someone near and dear to me.
This group of very talented individuals will be back in the local area (Lebanon) some time in June and yes! I’ll be there again.
The club members are very friendly, helpful, talented AND patient.  With special thanks to Tom and other people who took a number of photos of yours truly making the wood chips fly.

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