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As the Scottish poet Rabbie Burns was prone to say: “the best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft aglee.
This morning’s plan: #1 leave the house at 6:45 AM to meet friends for breakfast at “the Shack” restaurant in Groton then return home and since it’s almost balmy outside I was “planning” on sweeping the sand and salt off the garage floor and tidy up the collection of stuff that had accumulated over the winter.
Part 1 of # 1 done!  Two blueberry pancakes, coffee and lots of good chatter.  The garage??  well there’s always tomorrow.
The way home from Groton includes a left turn out of the restaurant parking lot and north on Rte 12. The BGB had other ideas. She turned right! Apparently she wanted to check out the fog bound coast of Groton, so who am I to argue with 3,600 pounds of metal. Right turn it is!

First stop: We followed Shennecossett Road south then turned left onto Bayberry Lane and the State of CT DEEP Boat Launch.  NOW I discover that I only have my “in case you get into an accident, you have your little camera with you to take photos” or any newsworthy occurrences. Make it work EP! The raw, damp wind blowing off Long Island Sound didn’t deter me either.

Next, around Shennecossett Road to Eastern Point Beach parking area.  Still raw, damp and breezy but there were some interesting shots available. I also made a few one  minute +/- videos for a friend in Florida.  I passed a woman pushing a stroller who told me there was nothing to look at.  Save your breath EP.  The wind was blowing probably 10-15 mph, the fog horns were blaring and somewhere out in the fog the ferry to Fishers Island was blasting it’s horn as well.  I know this because I saw it coming down the Thames River and then whoops, where did it go.  Fog won again.  The only evidence left was the increased wave action along the shore.

So, in total I took about 50 photos and quite a few of course wound up in the “trash” when I downloaded them and cast a critical eye.  Attached are a few that I kept.

Heading home at last, passing “The Shack” one more time I made my last stop at “Angelo’s Bakery” (this fine shop can be found on Facebook.com) here in Colchester.  So, tomorrow’s breakfast is in the refrigerator: one of their cinnamon and raisin pastries and a small grinder roll–could become a tuna fish grinder tomorrow for lunch unless I change my mind.

PS:  In case you didn’t know “BGB” stands for Big Green Buick”.