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The walls closed in one day last week after a long promised snowstorm that fell short of expectations.  After considering several options I headed for Norwich CT.  I had a few quick errands to do there so it made sense.

Cameras and a warm jacket, cell phone, good shoes and off I went.  There’s a site in Norwich known as “Indian Leap that I’ve visited once before during summer.  The problem I faced this time was the piles of snow pushed up by the plows that left no place for me to park the car!  Not do be outdone by some snow, I drove very slowly scouting possible parking places, not good, turned around and came back ever so slowly toward the location.  Hmm, a 2 or 3 family house with a cleared parking area and only one car parked there.  After much deliberation I pulled in, took my camera and I suppose you could say I tiptoed out of the parking area and crossed the street toward the Yantic River and the falls.

Yes, on my way but let’s be quick about this EP.

There’s a great railroad bridge at the same site and there are 2 images of the bridge in this post as well.  One is pretty straight forward, the other is cropped significantly and rotated.  Who ever said photographers don’t have any fun?  It’s a lot easier than me rotating 90 or 180 degrees.

Back to the business at hand, photography!  Yes I got some photos

There’s quite a story behind the naming of this falls.  If you’re curious here’s a link for you to research.  Norwich played an important part in the Revolutionary War as well.  Indian Leap at Yantic Falls

Headed home, hot soup and a cookie both home-made. Yummy

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