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My friend Shelly and I had decided about a week ago that we would like to see the holiday lights at the Olde Mistick Village on the evening of December 9th. As we prepared to exit I-95N at the Mystic off ramp it suddenly became evident that we were not the only people with the same idea. The beach traffic heading to Misquamicut Beach, RI on a hot summer day was nothing compared to this.
We were fortunate enough to find a parking space relatively close to the Village Shoppes and so off we went. And it was 28°F upon our arrival. However as long time New Englanders we both knew to dress warmly and I really was glad I had on as many clothes as I did because the temperature continued to drop so that when we reached home I think it was about 22°F
The crowds continued to grow exponentially as the evening wore on. Strollers abound, loose toddlers,dogs, parents, grandparents and virtual gridlock on the roads around the Village. Speaking of dogs, we went into Georgetti’s and there was a gentleman with a very large poufy dog with saddlebags strapped around it’s middle. In each of the pockets, there was a little puppy. The owner explained that he was a Belgian Shepherd Dog. I’d neither seen or heard of this breed but this was a delightful dog who loved to be petted and knew that he was the star of the show.
I am not complaining, simply trying to set the scene for you. As we continued to wander, we smelled the overpowering odor of warm chocolate wafting out the doors of “Franklin’s General Store”. Yes, we went in and joined the throng of chocoholics. As cold as it was outside, it must have been close to 80°F inside. Thoughts of “Frosty, the Snowman” melting were running through my mind.
After more than an hour of photography, shopping, window shopping and saying “excuse me” we decided it was time for a cup of coffee so we headed toward the “Bleu Squid”. Big mistake, they were totally overcrowded but Shelly did get a really good look at the display case full of cupcakes! A few more “‘scuse me’s” and we were out in the fresh air again BUT empty handed.
We agreed to brave the traffic and cross over to Starbucks and strange as it seemed, there were seats available and plenty of staff taking orders. I think we had seen our share of OMV so we headed back toward the car. I stayed in the car–warming it up again and Shelly took off for Bleu Squid for cupcakes.
She had succeeded in getting 2 cupcakes, one chocolate with chocolate icing and I’m not sure what kind she had for herself. While waiting for the intrepid cupcake hunter to return I’d mentally decided on our escape route from the village. Other than 1 red traffic light at the Hilton Hotel’s intersection we sailed out and homeward.
As always, click on any photo and your slide show will begin. And take a really good look, see if you spot the “partridge in the pear tree”.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my wordpress friends. ep

ps:  It wasn’t snowing that night, wordpress adds the snow flakes for effect during December.  ep