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Last Sunday, October 2nd the Viking longship Harald Harfagre DRAKEN sailed up the Mystic River to tie up at the Mystic Seaport for an over winter overhaul.

Fortune dictated that we (Inge & I) miss the actual arrival but some swift walking, backtracking and driving brought us into a position to see this ship that had sailed across the Atlantic and toured several ports before arriving in Mystic.  The press was reporting 8,000 miles under sail. From our vantage point it looked like a mob scene with eager visitors clustered around the gangplanks.

Neither the vista nor the weather were really great so we opted to drive slowly up river to see what else we might find.  First a huge stretch limo carrying 2 gentlemen of a certain age who announced that they had just been married.  We chatted with them, wished them a happy life together and went our separate ways.

Then there were white herons and an airborne great blue heron in the marshy grass along the river but guess who’s camera battery died.  NUTS!  Poor planning ep!

On my way home later that afternoon it occurred to me that the Cragin Library here in Colchester has discount admission cards that can be checked out for 2 days.  When I checked with them on Thursday I learned that the card authorizes half price admission for 2 adults and 3 children.  I asked if any cards were available for Mystic Seaport.  Yes, and it was mine for 2 days.  Return it Saturday or else $10 per day thereafter. (ouch)

And off we went (the Buick & I).  The weather was glorious, light breeze blowing, brilliant fall sunshine and half off my admission. Hooray.  Photos follow.  As always, click on any one and a slide show will open for you.  In addition to the DRAKEN I’ve included some other images taken at the Mystic Seaport last Thursday. The 6 people in the miniature version of the DRAKEN were singing along as an accordion player (in the bow) played appropriate maritime tunes.  The other five were beating out the rhythm on the gunnels of the boat.

Later in the afternoon, while sipping a class of iced tea under that huge oak at “Spouters Tavern” I called Inge who was still at work but who was also very hungry and we had a very nice supper at the Mystic Steak Loft.  Always guaranteed to be a delicious meal.

The modern looking building in this post is the newest addition to the seaport.  It’s the new conference center and also the second entrance for visitors to the Seaport.