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After weeks, no…make that months of planning by the Senior Center Staff. Luke Hajdasz and his family, the days have finally arrived. Last year at this same event, the weather was glorious, reasonable temperatures, cool breezes and low humidity. Today’s tropical temperatures and humidity as well as concerns about T-storms put a small crimp in the festivities. I’m not a golfer and don’t plan on becoming one at this late date but I do know that these players have indomitable spirit and I’ve been told that heat or cold, rain and probably snow does little to stop them from taking one more swing. Thunder and lightning may be a different story.
This is the first of 3 posts for me today. Friday’s 9 hole event, Saturday’s 18 hole event and the celebratory banquet this evening where beautiful gift baskets will be raffled, speeches will be mad trophies will be presented and lots of food will be consumed.
So please enjoy the photos, and remember that by clicking on any one image, you can start a slide show to view larger images.

PS: The blue heron released the frog back into the pond.