Every news outlet has been posting updates for the past week about an impending storm.  Well, it’s here!  Maybe we will be able to view other entertainment on TV now rather than colored graphics and prognostications about depth, duration, wind speeds   and the dreaded “wind chill” temperatures.  I won’t bore you with my “back in the day” recollections.  Suffice it to say, it snowed then too.  Perhaps we learned about the coming storm on the radio (WBZ) the day before the snow fell.  School was cancelled, mom baked bread and we all went out and shoveled and shoveled and shoveled.

My father did eventually purchase a huge, powerful snow thrower because our garage was under the house and shoveling meant that emptying the snow out of the driveway was done by hurling the shovel full up and over the 5″ side wall AND then over mom’s azaleas. (Looking back again, that red machine spent more time in pieces on the cellar floor or up at Stevens’ Hardware on Center Street being serviced.) Of course clearing the driveway that way meant that the walkway to the side door was now buried under all of that snow as well as what had already fallen there.  But NO, we could not leave that walkway buried.  How would the milk man deliver the milk, , the meter readers for gas, electric and city water departments all came into the house via that walkway and down into the cellar to read their respective meters.  My estimate is that the walkway was about 50′ – 60’long.  The 2 story Cape is the house I grew up in.  The fence was not there over the wall, I suspect there may be a toddler living there and the skylight on the porch is new.  Mom’s beautiful rock garden is gone.. replaced by GASP Bar Harbor junipers as ground cover!  Come on, it isn’t that hard to mow that slight rise!  I did it for years.

Back to today’s storm…..I’d guess it started snowing here around 9:00 am but the blades of grass were still visible until around noon.  Suddenly they were gone.  The wind had picked up and the snow was flying.  The attached pictures were taken from my open garage door which faces east.  The wind was coming out of the northeast which accounts for the dazzled effect on the last images which were taken around 7:00pm.  (blowing snow spattering on the lens)  The others were shot around 4:00pm.  As I write this, our maintenance guys are out with the Bobcat and smaller plows clearing the driveways and walkways.  Now the storm is winding down……what will the weather reporters have to talk about!!

Stay warm friends.

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