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Last Saturday, January 2nd was a day for fresh air and a brisk walk. Inge and I went up to Watch Hill, RI to take some photographs. The sun was blazing…not a cloud in the sky but it was a bit breezy as we left Mystic.
We parked down by the carousel which regrettably was all boarded up for the winter.  We were hoping to be able to access the beach from that area but were blocked at every access point!
There was no denying that it was cold but we were out of the breeze. We walked up the hill toward the recently reopened “Ocean House” (an absolutely stunning edifice) and then onto the access road to the Coast Guard Station at Watch Hill.

Oh my goodness…the wind certainly picked up and blew away ALL of the accumulated 2015 cobwebs. We took a number of pictures but the cold was getting the best of us. The weather-beaten timbers are the remains of one of several additional buildings that were on the site in the late 1800’s.

“Have the valet bring up the car please.” I guess he/she was hunkered down someplace warm because we quickly retraced our steps and retrieved the car ourselves.  As we walked quickly back to the car, Inge spotted a “Cooper’s Hawk” circling overhead.
Writing this, 8 days later, it’s pouring buckets outside and the wind continues out of the northwest.  A good day to heat up some soup and read a good book or maybe a nap?

A belated Happy New Year to all.

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