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I met IP at “Somewhere in Time” in Mystic this morning for breakfast. Sun shining, not a cloud in the sky and virtually no wind blowing. We dined on very tasty pumpkin spice pancakes. crispy bacon and unlimited coffee. After catching up on the events of the last couple of weeks we were heading to our cars when we decided to visit “Clyde’s Cider Mill” in Pawcatuck CT. (Less than 5 minutes away)  Arriving there minutes after 9:00 am I had doubts that the mill would even be open. Wrong again EP! As soon as we parked our cars other vehicles began streaming in.

We both had our cameras and went out separate ways often crossing paths as we made our way around the property.  I did remember being there in the mid ’70’s with our family when we lived in Groton but that was where the memory stopped.

The mill was not yet operating for the day.  The process of making the cider was to begin at 11:00 am and IP had other plans for later in the morning.  We did however partake of a few of the fermented ciders (just a sip of each) and we agreed that our favorite was called “Spider Cider”!  Very tasty.

So in addition to the mill its self and the wine tasting building that was originally the grist mill, there was a stand selling honey and syrup (maple of course), another making and selling kettle corn and then there was a building with the most heavenly smells emanating through the open doors and windows.  It had to be cider donuts!!  BINGO!  Freshly made and being consumed by all ages sitting and standing around on the wrap around porch.  We both know who took home half a dozen don’t we.  In addition to the donuts, they were also selling plain cider, spiced cider, apple dumplings, caramel apples and apple pies just to name a few of the offerings.

I did enter the cider mill to take some photographs but the entire property was most photogenic as witnessed by the samples attached.  Apologies for some of the captions I put on some of the images.

Leaving IP and Clyde’s and reaching the intersection with CT Rte 27 I decided to follow the River Road since there’s a small pond there and sometimes interesting photo ops.  Well!  Who should be there but IP!  We laughed as I got out of my car once again, camera in hand and we both got some interesting and occasionally humorous images.  She told me she had been mentally channeling a message to me to come and see large gathering of ducks on the pond.  It worked!

All this fun in the sun and it wasn’t even noon when I got home!  Have a sunny week.  ep