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It’s been almost a month since I’ve written anything as the CtWanderer but have no fear…I’m fine.  I’ve been looking at my calendar trying to figure out where the month has gone. Of the 26 days since my last post there have been 5 photography entries, 4 afternoons answering phones (volunteer) at our Senior Center, a Lunch Bunch trip, 3 breakfasts with friends, “Meet the Candidates” gathering, Highland Games at Scotland CT,  a “mystery trip” arranged by the Senior Center where we wound up at the Allegra Farm in East Haddam for a hay ride et cetera, et cetera, et cetera!  And those are just the entries on the calendar.

The question I ask myself most often is: how did you do this and work 40+ hours a week.  But I digress!

If you’re ever in the vicinity of the Devil’s Hopyard State Park have lunch at “On the Rocks“.  This is a lovely restaurant on the grounds of the Fox Hopyard Golf Club.  The restaurant is open to the public.  The views are stunning and the food is delicious.  Our group had lunch  there and then I headed further into the park to Chapman Falls.  Since it has been so dry, there was little more than a trickle of water heading down the rapids.

The Lunch Bunch trip to the Allegra Farm was a very interesting.  We started off with lunch right here in Colchester at Tim’s Bistro.  Tim’s is a tiny gem tucked away in the corner of a small strip mall.   The lunch menu includes home made and I was told delicious soups, salads with or without chicken salad or tuna, a wide variety of bagels and pastries.

Following lunch we headed to the Farm, were greeted by John, the owner and his adorable dog Pete.  He gave us some insight into the contents of a huge barn on the property which contained all sorts of sleighs, sleds, carts, wagons, carriages from small to large and very elaborate hearses.  These were all horse drawn and most had an extensive history of appearances in major Hollywood films as well as events like the Lantern Light Tours at Mystic Seaport and are also available for sleigh rides, hay rides and other special occasion rentals.

Meeting the candidates was interesting and informative.  This event was sponsored by our local chapter of AARP and 10 candidates spoke then addressed questions posed by the attendees.

This morning instead of joining friends for breakfast in a traditional restaurant we met at the Salem Apple Festival.  Oh, My, Goodness!!!  I’ve never seen so many apples displayed, for sale or for  consumption.  There was a bakery, café, hot dog stand, apple fritters stand and crowds of people.  It was a crystal clear but chilly morning that did not deter the public from forming long lines for the delicacies for sale.  We had sausages, apple pancakes, coffee, apple puree on the pancakes and more coffee.  There was also Swedish Apple Pudding, Apple Crumble Pie, traditional Apple Pie, with or without cheddar cheese and Apple Muffins available for sale to the multitude of  hungry diners.  Very reasonably priced as well.  Loads of fun. And I reconnected with several friends I hadn’t seen since my working days.

Looking out the window I see that there is a high, thin overcast forming.  Hopefully that means rain, in moderation, for us tonight or tomorrow.  That will be an opportunity to work on several projects here at home.

Don’t forget to set your clocks back and enjoy the longer sleep tonight.

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