I could scarcely believe my eyes when I opened the drapes this morning.  After nothing but clouds, fog, chilly winds and rain for the last forever this sighting was nothing short of a miracle.

Plans for the day?  None really.  My assumption was that it would be another day of liquid sunshine.  Wrong again ep.

Colchester’s Farmers’ Market should be going strong on The Green and maybe I could pick up a couple of tomatoes and cucumbers from my pal Tom at “Olivia’s Garden” and browse the rest of the vendors as well.  Of course I had my camera and I did get corn, a red pepper, a cinnamon bun for tomorrow’s breakfast and a jar of corn relish (none of these were on the list) and 2 cucumbers.  No tomatoes!  I did take a photograph of the Savitsky Farm stand on my way back to the Buick.

Now what….not a cloud in the sky.  After all that rain there has to be roaring water over the local falls:  Devil’s Hopyard, Salmon River, Wadsworth State Park.  Or what about Lyman Orchards, apples, pears, pumpkins oh my.  The Salmon River is closest to home so I started there, but from the opposite side of the river (Bridge St).  Autumn colors are beginning to show but are not yet “spectacular”.  There was a young family with a beautiful and well behaved dog who had made straight for the river as soon as they arrived while dad and son weren’t far behind although they stayed right next to the river’s edge while mom took pictures of them.

But what puzzled me the most were the cairns (4 of them) in the river and at least one of them was about 5′ (yes–5 feet) tall.  Who built them, when did they build them, why did they build them?  I have no answers to those questions but will attempt to find out over the next few days. If you know please share with me in this blog’s “comments” section and I’ll update the tale.

I decided against venturing farther afield.  It was lunch time and we all have our priorities.

By the way….there were no roaring waterfalls!