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On July 3 of this year I had visited Lavender Pond Farm (L P F) in Killingworth, CT posting a blog about my visit. Today is Sunday, a day of rest, so did I really want to pull weeds, clean the garage or iron? Of course not.
With that settled the decision was where to go. It was a spectacular morning, clear sky, low humidity and gentle NW breezes. I’d seen a Facebook post from L P F yesterday. Now, that would be a nice relaxing jaunt for the Buick and me.
That was all it took. Cameras, batteries charged, a bottle of water, cell phone and sun hat. Off we went. Most of you know about my GPS and her determination to take me HER way!
After multiple “recalculations” she saw it my way and we arrived safely at L P F. I was greeted by “Oz” the resident rooster as soon as I got out of my car. He was in fine voice this AM.
There is now a stunning gazebo that wasn’t there in July. The copper cupola has a very large duck (I hope I’m right) in flight and is a gorgeous sight glinting in the brilliant sunlight. The lavender beds were by and large in full bloom and the bees were absolutely ecstatic. All of these plants had clearly been well tended through the scorching summer days and had grown and filled out significantly since my visit in July.
A number of families were visiting and the kids were having a grand time exploring. The poultry (Oz and his ladies) seemed to be a great attraction for them.  The swing is a recent addition as well and I’m pretty sure it will see lots of use.  As for the two ladies and the wooden bridge….purely accidental I can assure you but as soon as I saw it “Lilliputian” came to mind.
Now, who doesn’t like to shop. I stepped into the  shop and was amazed at the myriad ways that lavender can be presented. Sachets, pillows, loose buds,multiple stems  banded and hanging from the rafters, teas, lotions and potions…I could go on and on.
While speaking to Chris and Denise (the proud owners) I learned that this treasure of a shop will be open through the holidays  and there seems to be a distinct possibility that the barns, gazebo etc may be festooned with lights as well. They are a simply delightful couple totally dedicated to L P F and are a great resource for all things lavender.  I overheard several conversations with farm visitors about the how to of growing and harvesting these plants.
I’m going to let my photographs speak for themselves but if you’re in CT may I strongly recommend a visit. As a bonus, the positively Connecticut farms and forests will be rolling past your vehicle as you approach your destination.

Feel free to scroll down through my other postings to see the July 3 entry.  Who knows, you may find some of the others entertaining and/or informative as well.