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My neighbor Jenn called me yesterday morning to ask if I’d like to go to the Haddam Neck Fair

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.  This is a 3 day event centered around Labor Day Weekend. I had never been to this fair and since  the outside air temperature had not yet reached the boiling point off we went.

Vehicles were arriving from all directions and a number of young adults were directing the parking of vehicles and pedestrian crossings.  My first sights included a myriad of rides that seemed guaranteed to upset the strongest of stomachs as well as a number of rides designed for the kids.  The kids were having the time of their young lives, shrieking as their much tamer rides took them on their adventures.

We visited and admired the prize winning flowers, vegetables, cakes, breads, jams, other preserves and sweet treats.  This was the third day of the fair and the heat was taking it’s toll on the fresh flower and plant displays but the creativity was most evident.

The next stop was the arts and crafts building where beautiful hand made products were on display and for sale.  There were some very talented crafters exhibiting their skills.

Music.. foot tapping, grab your partner and swing him/her around music was being played by the CT Bristol Old Tyme Fiddlers much to the enjoyment of a number of visitors.

Many booths promoted any number of local organizations, political parties, church groups too many to name.  However Jenn and I were both taken by a booth sponsored by the First Church of Christ Congregational Church of East Haddam.  They had an absolutely beautiful hand sewn quilt that was being raffled off on October 1, 2015.  Yes we bought raffle tickets.

Next stop: the oxen pulls.  What noble animals and huge as well.  Hundreds of pounds of concrete “logs” were stacked on “sleds” and pulled by these beasts.  They were certainly drawing a large crowd.  Leaving there we passed by all of the food vendors.  I think there was something to please everyone amongst that group.  Cotton candy, Thai food and popped corn, and somehow I think anything that could be fried could be purchased!

The crowds were increasing exponentially as was the heat.  It was time to go but as we headed for the exit along came a pair of oxen just ambling along, accompanied by a tiny woman who was “controlling” them.  Jenn got up close and personal to investigate the beasts.

The car was more like an oven but the a/c prevailed and we were on our way home.