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….to wash a car?
After a delicious breakfast with friends at the Shack in Groton CT I was heading north on CT 12N thinking I really should wash the green beast (sorry..I meant Buick). There’s a car-wash in Colchester that does a nice job…I’ll stop there on my way home. As I passed the Michael KIA dealership I saw a number of individuals waving placards and the hoods were raised on a number of KIAs with a huge signboard wedged into each engine compartment with a letter spelling out “C A R W A S H”. My first thought was Boy Scouts or some similar group. I turned around and pulled into the KIA parking lot and was directed by a smiling young man to pull around a line of vehicles for sale and shown where to join a relatively short line waiting for the suds. And yes, he even offered to assist me out of the Buick! “No thank you, but thank you for asking”.
They may have been scouts earlier in their young lives but they turned out to be a team of U S NAVY CPO Selectees who were doing some fund raising for their “pinning” ceremony. There were 30 young men and women all sporting outrageously yellow tee shirts spelling out just who they were and what they were doing.
I had a lot of fun chatting with several of these people; sharing some of my/our experiences as a Navy family in the ’60’s and 70’s. 13 moves in 17 years, Adak, etc. Talking with the COB (Chief of the Boat) on the USS Alexandria SSN-757 just out of an overhaul at Portsmouth Naval Shipyard (NH) and now visiting SuBase NLON before a repositioning of the boat involving moving all families, vehicles, pets etc to their new home port.
Another of these young men pointed out who I believe was overseeing the operation (car-wash) so I had a nice chat with him as well. His first name was Ron I believe. He’s the fellow in the image “then we scrub” standing, wearing a gray tee-shirt and holding a rather large cuppa coffee.
All of these people I talked with couldn’t wait to thank me for my service..as I was thanking all of them.  I find it impossible to explain how special those thanks..given and taken…meant to me.

And a major thank you to the KIA dealership for opening their water faucets and power supply as well.

What a truly outstanding group of individuals carrying on the proud traditions of OUR United States Navy.
Now you know how many people it takes to wash a car on a sunny Saturday morning in beautiful downtown Groton, Connecticut.  And yes, they did an outstanding job on the Buick.

If you click on any of the photos, that will start a slide show for you.  Enjoy…ep