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Several days ago I saw a write-up about Lavender Farm Pond in Killingworth CT. The article talked about the Lavender Farm Pond’s first year and the beautiful layout, how they established their business and the plans going forward. This is their “baby” and it’s almost a year old. The exciting thing, in my opinion, will be to watch as it grows into it’s teen years and beyond.

Thursday, July 2nd I decided to beat the holiday travelers and make my way to Killingworth. I had a nice conversation with Gertrude, my GPS then the Buick and I ventured forth. Needless to say, GPS did not think I knew best! In spite of her, I arrived safely about 45 minutes after leaving home.

Believe me when I tell you that I saw more lavender yesterday than I’ve ever seen in my entire life, being lovingly cared for and encouraged all over the farm. There are many separate areas with different varieties of lavender. Some areas were abuzz with what had to be many hundreds of bees intent on savoring the purple abundance. If you have an aversion to bees, this may not be the ideal day trip for you.

After a nice chat with several other women on the same mission as myself my camera was quite busy. This included a detour to the raucous noise being made by a very large rooster named “Oz” and his flock of hens. He was most insistent that the world know he was there. Well: cock-a doodle-doo to you too Oz!

Because of the large number of species of lavender on the farm, there will be blooms into September. I’d really like to return possibly when the “golden hour” before dusk is earlier to see how the fields change.

Following a brief conversation with Denise (owner) I ventured further afield down to the stone bridge and greenery. There is also a delightful shop with all things lavender as well as a nattily attired doodle named what else?  “Flora”!!  Denise has made some lovely lavender hearts and wreaths on display in the shop.

There are paths through the plantings, benches for sitting, contemplation and resting and lots of shade under the towering trees. Please visit their website which is most informative as well.

Note to CP, anytime!!!!!!!!!!!!!!