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I had a midmorning appointment in Mystic today. The weather reporters were insisting it was going to rain on and off all day. I saw patches of blue sky.
Following my appointment I felt the urge to stretch my legs so I drove down to the center of Mystic and found a parking place on the first drive through! Camera in hand, I was off.
Not having put a lot of thought into what I would do after my appointment I put a lot of faith into my light jacket. Within 5 minutes I was wishing for fleece and/or down. The “breeze” off the Mystic River was way more than I had bargained for. Alright EP, walk faster! Many of the shops were open but it certainly was disappointing to see so many vacant storefronts. Since I am the perpetual optimist I’m hoping that it’s because it’s only the first week in April.
Walking from the book store toward the flagpole I crossed the bridge over the Mystic River and saw a fellow juggling some sort of soft, round thing. By using his feet, arms, head in all sorts of unusual attitudes with his body he made that thing fly never dropping it once while I stood watching him. If you look in the branches just over his head you will see the thing I’m talking about.
The bridge always intrigues me with it’s angles, straight lines and rivets. And clearly someone knows how to count from 1 to 5.
Crossing the street, yes the cars do stop for pedestrians, I ventured into The Spice & Tea Exchange 25% out of curiosity and 75% to warm up a bit. The sales person was most helpful and we had a nice chat. It’s possible to open any of the jars and smell the scent of the contents. A carafe was available filled with one of their tea blends and cups to pour a sample. quite delicious. With her permission I did take several photos of the interior of the shop. I will go back to pick up some of the tea another day.
Leaving the tea and spices behind, I window shopped my way back in the general direction of the Buick, I remembered Bartelby’s and their great New England clam chowder. Well, to my dismay, they had sold out of MY chowder over the weekend and only had Manhattan clam chowder (shudder) available. However! as I had entered the café I noticed on their menu board that there was a coconut latte available. So that was my request and then added a biscotti to accompany the latte. Good choice EP!
Leaving Mystic I usually follow the River Road. This is a very scenic drive but for some reason I took a left turn about half way to Rte. 184 and found myself on Cow Hill Road abutting Nature Conservancy Lands and saw a babbling brook and some ruins. It was actually the remains of an old grist mill dating back to the mid 1700s and a century later +/- it became the Bindloss Mill.
A quick errand in Gales Ferry followed and as I crossed the street to my car I felt the first “raindrops falling on my head”. I think I’ll be humming that song for a while now.