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I awoke this morning to the sound of water rushing down the outdoor drainpipes and using my incredible powers of deductive reasoning knew immediately that it was raining!

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Two friends and I had been planning for several weeks to meet at 11:00 am this morning at “Mystic Village” for lunch at “The Bleu Squid” followed by some “Zentangle” drawing at the Starbucks close by. As I used to tell my children when they were small “there’s no soap in it so it won’t hurt you” referring to falling rain.
It was an easy run despite the downpours from home to I-95N heading for Mystic until an 18 wheeler hurtled up the breakdown lane and then cut across to the high speed lane leaving those of us in the normal lane in his high flung spray of water from his tires. That was followed by a slowdown of ALL traffic to 50 MPH for some reason yet to be deduced.
After meeting my friends we decided against the “Bleu Squid” since indoor seating (it’s raining remember) was very limited. Plan B was “Mango’s Wood Fired Pizza Company” where S had a lovely salad and IP and I each had yummy pizzas. The small size pies left plenty to take home. And we did.
IP then suggested that we have some fun at “Bestemors Scandinavian Imports Shop” in the village. IP is in the middle and S is on the right side. No, we did not purchase the helmets but we did admire many of the Scandinavian influenced gift items and foods before heading for Starbucks. Leaving Mystic Village we spotted some ducks enjoying the deluge and banquet of some sort in the very wet grasses.
At Starbucks, we found a table, ordered and received our beverages. There were lots of small round tables and lounge chairs available but we wanted a flat top table of reasonable size for our “tangling”. Since we were sharing one of the only 2 such tables in the shop it was appropriate that we introduce ourselves to the gentleman already seated at the 2nd table. He reciprocated with an interesting accent. His name was David and he was a research physicist originally from Turkey. We occasionally chatted back and forth and had some very interesting conversations as well. He was rather amused by what he deemed to be our childish drawings but later did suggest that we consider graphic design on fabric. And finally, I participated in my first “selfies” on this adventure.
IP did take some additional photos which may be added later. A fun day despite the rain!