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….since I posted anything to this blog so here goes. Truth be told this is my second try tonight, for whatever reason my router decided just as I had finished writing here to freeze or something. Anyway long story short, I lost the whole thing!
In the past few days I’ve been asked what I’ve been doing lately. Well I suppose they got the classic “deer in the headlights” look while I pondered the last few weeks. I’ve looked back at my calendar for the past 2 months and I really don’t see any events that I would label as extraordinary. I’ve read 7 rather hefty novels including for the second or third time the entire “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon and “On Celtic Tides” by Chris Duff. This is a non-fiction book about his several months long trip paddling around Ireland in an sea kayak! I do some volunteer work at the local Senior Center, got the wee garden out front more or less ready for spring and summer and swapped the location of 2 bookcases here at home (books are heavy) but who ever invented those little slider things that go under furniture you are moving is a genius and took part in photography seminars pertaining to macro, night and star shot photography as well as a chance to experiment with “Lens Baby” products.
I’ve actually taken quite a few photographs during the last few weeks but most were not planned. I’ve been known to refer to this as “drive-by shooting”. You know what I mean, see something, stop, roll down the window and fire away! cross your fingers and move on.
The images included in this blog include one of my little pal that I took to the playground one day. I liked her shadow on the ground as she swung. The shells are my experimentation with what I learned at the macro class. The foggy waterfront is down in Mystic early on a Saturday morning. The antique and beautifully restored fire engines and equipment were here on the Green last weekend as part of the celebration of the opening of the Hayward Firehouse Museum here in Colchester and the greenery was prompted by a friend’s photo on Facebook. She told me where she had been and the rest is history as they say. The tall slim single stalk is actually a 3′ tall asparagus spear. Where’s the Hollandaise when you need it? and take a good look at the fiddlehead fern; see if you notice anything unusual. While you’re at it, take another look at the 7 fiddleheads, they look to me like a group of sweet young things gossiping about who knows what. Maybe I’m just tired. I’ve been so busy you know.