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There was no need to worry about “layers” yesterday when I ventured out into the blazing sunshine.  In “pilot lingo” CAVU, to you earthbound souls “ceiling and visibility unlimited”.  Not a cloud in the sky.  Photo ops anyone? 

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In the fridge I had the makings of a quick salad so put one together in case I found a spot to have a picnic!  Are you crazy EP?  The temp is in the 50’s but there’s no wind chill factor so what the heck………..

Gorgeous purple and cream colored crocus’ by the roadside on the way into town.  Passed through town with a “note to self” to stop on my way home to photograph those crocus blooms.  I headed out to Salmon River State Forest; we’d had torrential rain earlier in the week and was hoping for some deep pools and small falls.  The river had dropped significantly but there was evidence high up in some of the trees where branches etc. were festooned with winter’s detritus. 

Waterproof boots on, jeans cuffs rolled up a bit, camera in one hand and my favorite walking stick in the other I was off.  Even though I didn’t get the photos I was hoping for, just being out in the fresh 50ish sunny morning was it’s own gift. 

Noonish, breakfast was a while ago.  I went back to the car and brought my lunch to the river bank and took advantage of one of the multitude of picnic tables.  I took the “remember when” photo and then 2 men got out of a truck and were walking toward me and the riverbank.  Yes, I asked if one of the pair would mind taking a photo of me at my table.  I did mention to them that I have a good friend in the Bahamas at present who is peppering me daily with tropical beach scenes, sunsets and sunrises. They kindly obliged with the attached image. This post is in part my response to her. 
With the sun at my back, a gentle breeze blowing through the pines and a delish lunch somehow my mind drifted back to R G Shaw Junior High School and a poem by Robert Browning that I think was taught to us by Miss Hanlon?
The year’s at the Spring and the Day’s at the morn; The hillside’s dew pearled; The lark’s on the wing; The snail’s on the thorn: God’s in His heaven— All’s right with the world!” Robert Browning
If only it were truly so.