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Last week had been a difficult week but the weather for today through Friday didn’t look too great so my plan was to finish putting back everything that had been hurriedly shoved out of the way so new carpeting could be installed and as I was moving the furniture wax it or otherwise spring clean it.
Well, that’s not how today turned out!
After breakfast I checked my email messages and found a message from my pal and photography companion who along with her husband is currently savoring the balmy breezes and tropic sun on the island of Abaco in the Bahama Islands.
Her suggestion was that I drop everything, bundle up, grab my cameras and head for Chatham MA on Cape Cod. The “storm of the winter” was supposed to really batter the Cape as well as dump loads of snow and she’d love to see my images! (As she sips her iced tea under a palm tree!)
Driving into the teeth of a blizzard is not my idea of “fun” so I opted for a trip to Newport RI instead. There’s usually great surf there during any storm and it’s only half as far away as Chatham. Had I known last night, I might, repeat might have gone to the Cape by leaving earlier.
So, armed with my cameras, Irish wool sweater, winter jacket, ear muffs, 3 pairs of gloves, boots and corduroy slacks along with water and snacks I was off to Newport.
As soon as I crested the rise overlooking the Jamestown Bridge I knew it was a “bust”. The wind was howling out of the north, down Narragansett Bay and the tide was still going out! Well, I’m here, let’s check out some other locations. Over the causeway to Goat Island the Buick and I flew stopping half way across for a photo-op or two but then was over washed by a more aggressive wave. CP, you owe me a car wash! Onward to a stop by the Ida Lewis Yacht Club followed by Fort Adams and then Brenton Point and the Shore Drive. Back out on an almost deserted Bellevue Avenue and around to what I knew as First, Second and Third Beaches. So sorry my Abaco friend, no awesome surf.
By now I’m thinking clam chowder since it’s after 1:00PM. I ventured back into Newport and after a couple of probably illegal U-turns parked on Bowen’s Wharf and allowed myself to be blown across to the Black Pearl. As I glanced over the menu I saw mussels as an appetizer which would fill the bill as lunch for me along with a glass of wine. The mussels arrived along with crispy, piping hot rolls. Absolutely heavenly! Garlic definitely, shallots I think, white wine, a splash of cream, evoo and/or butter and some fresh basil. The photos tell the story. My waitress then tempted me with dessert, now seriously, who can refuse a “Four chocolate torte”? Not me! A flaky chocolate pastry crust filled with chocolate mousse, chocolate whipped cream and white chocolate shavings to top it all off!
After paying my bill I stopped to chat with the people at the next table and the chef, Daniel Knerr, then blew out the door and headed home to Connecticut with photos and a full tummy. No supper needed tonight! And yes, the wind is still absolutely howling here in Connecticut.