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A small announcement in one of our local newspapers “Reminder News” led me to Rick’s Sugar Shack this morning. I wasn’t sure what to expect since it’s been so darned cold but a blend of steam and smoke were coming out of the chimneys so I parked my car and began wandering around. It isn’t a large place but Rick produces over 100 gallons of the yummy and sweet stuff annually. The sap has been flowing and he (Rick himself) gave several of us a very understandable explanation of the processes as well as the risks such as maple sand and what can happen if you allow your attention to wander for too long. (not a pretty site)
There’s a quaint little tasting room on site with sweet and tangy samples of the many things one can do with maple syrup. If maple syrup isn’t your thing, the tasting room abounds with Coca Cola memorabilia that will amaze you.
Another little building houses their shop and again there’s something for everyone. I purchased a maple mustard laced with herbs and a little packet of maple sugar crumbles blended with finely minced nuts.
On my way home I stopped at the local grocers for deli ham and chewy-soft Kaiser rolls. What a delicious sandwich. And then….I put some yogurt in a bowl, added fresh blueberries and topped it with a spoonful of the sugar/nut combo. Oh my goodness…no pun intended please.
Where is this place you ask? 60 Collie Brook Road in East Hampton CT. Just a word of warning, the last half mile is a pothole nursery. They’re everywhere so take it easy. Your suspension system will thank you.