Well of course you head to the local drug store to buy the Sunday papers! That was step one.
Once the paper was safely in the car and we were heading home I had an idea! Why not drive over to the Devil’s Hopyard State Park and see what was happening at the Chapman Falls? It’s only about 20 minutes from home after all.
(In warm weather this is a marvelous spot to wander through the woods, appreciate the thundering falls, dip one’s toes in the river and just relax.)
Step two: drive to the Devil’s Hopyard. There were a number of other CF sufferers there and we all agreed that it was a gorgeous day to be at the falls.

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Oops, there’s lots of snow and my walking stick’s in the car. A quick 180 retrieved the stick and I was off. Over a pile of snow, through one very big puddle on the road then down the inclines to view nature’s marvels. Yes I love my carved and lacquered walking stick made by a neighbor for me and “Yes

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to the question of foot gear. Waterproof, insulated, cleated Merrils = toasty warm tootsies. Anyway, photographic evidence of my hike is attached along with a picture of a sun dog that I photographed following a quick left turn into the CT DOT site here in Colchester. And by the way, did you see the 2 polar bear cubs hugging the boulder?
Are we really going to have more snow next weekend??
SIGH…winter in New England.