IMG_1274 Glass ball LHere we are in the midst of storm #2 in CT.
Yesterday I did all the laundry (someone in this house is either very dirty or very clean), ran the dishwasher, filled the gas tank, went to the local IGA for the obligatory milk and bread, a bottle of Apothic wine, came home and “hunkered down” to wait for the storm. Yes the IGA, in my town we have 1 big box grocer and an IGA. You can guess where the hordes of people were.
Many of you are aware that I’m no spring chicken but after hearing my neighbor shoveling his walk in the sleet and freezing rain I put on boots, long waterproof coat, scarf, hat and toasty warm mittens and ventured out. Holy snowflakes Batman, there was 8″ of the white stuff frosted with about .5″ of ice. Well, I’m pretty sure that by now you’re convinced that I’m really off my rocker but since my neighbor was also out in this stuff I figured that should I break my back, have a heart attack or meet with some other physical disaster he would call 911 on my behalf. I did the walkway, came inside and hung up some very wet outer garments and heated up some fish chowdah I’d made yesterday. MMMMMgood. Now I’m waiting for the aches in shoulders, wrists and back to set in.
The attached photo is a bit of a contradiction: the glass ball is a float I found in a junkshop in Fort Myer (that’s sunny Florida) and the snow is specially made here in Connecticut.
Time for the heating pad.
Stay warm friends.