I usually post articles about my travels near and far but this is about a different type of travel.
In late December I ordered a book from a subsidiary of Amazon.com. I confirmed through tracking that it was coming from Philadelphia PA to my exact and correct address. Not a great distance by any stretch of one’s imagination. Tracking shows it was received by the carrier (USPS) in Philadelphia at 7:21 pm on the 31st. The next notation on the tracking shows that it arrived at a “carrier facility” on January 13 at 9:51 am. Now this is where the plot thickens…the facility is in Houston Texas. Top secret information here: Did you know that Connecticut is now a suburb of Houston? I certainly did not. OK, next notation: January 14, 8:35AM “OUT FOR DELIVERY”!!! I hope the Houston carrier gets good per diem and mileage for this one! I had a conversation with my local USPS delivery person yesterday and we had a good laugh. I’m withholding judgment on this fiasco until the package does actually arrive so that I can determine if it’s been an error on the seller’s part or if this is another indication of why USPS seems to be having some difficulties of it’s own. Doesn’t anyone between Philadelphia and Houston know that Connecticut is more or less northeast of PA and not SW! OK, I’m done ranting…thanks for reading. I’ll let you know when it arrives. 🙂