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IMG_1090 ep czPicture this if you will, we’re at the Waldo Homestead in Scotland Connecticut to attend the 2013 Highland Festival. There is a skeleton dressed in his kilt, bagpipers, men in kilts, ladies in plaids, poles, hay bales and stones being hurled into the air, bands marching, Celtic goods of all description for sale, clan tents and food trucks with all manner of Scottish comfort foods scattered across the grounds. There’s storytelling, music and face painting for the kids. Highland cattle, sheepdogs and goats entertained us all. Who could ask for anything more?
If only the sun had listened to the weather forecast this morning, we would have had bright sunshine instead of the heavy overcast and occasionally stiff breeze blowing the falling leaves around. The cool weather didn’t deter the Scots and Scots wannabes though, I’ve been to several of the festivals at the Waldo Homestead but this seemed to me to be the largest crowd I’ve seen.
Even after being home for a few hours the skirl of the bagpipes is still in my head. I’m not complaining, I love that music.
I sat in on some of the music for the kids, then found a seat to enjoy “Runa”, an energetic group of 5 playing Celtic music and dancing. I stayed in my seat to enjoy a performance by Charlie Zahm. I’d written about him back in June when he performed down in Mystic. He also sang the “Star Spangled Banner” unaccompanied and the way it is intended to be sung during the opening ceremonies. He has a truly amazing voice, personality and stage presence. Music he writes comes from his heart and the other music he performs draws everyone present into the rhythm of the song.
I’ve attached several images that I took at the Festival to give you some sense of the event. And yes, that’s me with Charlie Zahm before the opening ceremonies began.
If you’ve read my previous posts you know that I attended the CeltFest in Estes Park CO. I think it’s difficult to compare the two. The CT festival is held in a much more intimate setting that could almost pass for Scotland UK whereas the Estes Park Fest is a 4 day event situated on the fairgrounds there. It was lacking the atmosphere of CT but I’m very glad I was there to see it.
And the New England Patriots just won today’s game with absolutely no time to spare. Go Pats!!!