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IMG_6250 Machine cc LA few of you may know that I’m working on a photo project for the Colchester Senior Center. On a recent trip up Rte. 85 to Hebron I started to wonder about the Zagray Farm. I could see a magnificent barn from the road and a few outbuildings so this seemed like a viable option to include in the project.
When I got back home I “googled” Zagray Farm and pored over their website eventually contacting the president of the QVEA or Quinebaug Valley Engineers Assoc. Inc. He kindly agreed to meet me last Wednesday at the site so I could view the property. Little did I know the site is actually approximately two HUNDRED acres in size. I saw an absolutely amazing collection of 1800’s and 1900’s machinery as well as living and working conditions unique to the time. I did take a number of photographs on a beautiful autumn day here in Connecticut. Some were for myself and a number are to be considered for the Center project. I’ve attached several to give you an idea of the scope of this farm museum.
I also learned that this past Saturday and Sunday the museum, virtually all 200 acres of it are open to the public with live demonstrations of many of the pieces scheduled and an absolutely huge setup of tents and tables with all manner of tools, equipment and other miscellaneous items for sale. As an example: I purchased a “Lodge” cast iron skillet from a delightful lady for $4.
And did I mention the food? At my meeting with the president, it was strongly suggested that I return during the weekend to see the festivities but to also sample their breakfast sandwiches. Yes, the sandwich was DEELISH and a bargain at $3.50 as well! I arrived shortly after 9:00am thinking there might be a few early risers there! I was sadly mistaken, according to the parking attendant, aficionados had been pouring in since around 6:00am! and there were hundreds of cars, trucks, vans, campers and trucks pulling huge flatbed trailers. The threat of rain certainly didn’t deter these rugged individuals on Saturday and I bet there were crowds again on Sunday in the rain.
I will be sending a check to the association to be enrolled as a member of the QVEC!
Who knew that an employee of many financial institutions over the years could, by writing a check for $20 become a member of an engineers association!