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As I said previously, I returned from Fort Collins in the wee small hours of Wednesday.  Wednesday?? the day was just a big blur.  On my way back to Providence via Southwest Airlines I was fortunate enough to see the practically full Harvest Moon at 37,000 feet or FL370 in “pilot speak” at sunset. The colors and sight were absolutely amazing. The scratched and somewhat dare I say grungy windows of my 737 made a decent photographic image virtually impossible.
I did manage on Thursday to take a look at some of the photographs I had taken in CO and decided that I really needed an enlarged print of the bull elk crossing Elkhorn Ave in Estes Park. 
Thank you to the gang at Coopers Imaging in Norwich for doing such a bang up job of that image and a couple more that I was thinking about including in the Something Simple Café show on Friday.  Later Thursday afternoon a speed run to Coopers to pick up the enlargements.  WOW!! if I do say so myself. 
Friday morning, up as my son says at “O dark 30” had some coffee and mounted and framed the huge elk image and 3 others.  Somewhere in there 2 loads of laundry were done and several cat naps. 

Friday evening was a blast!  Special thanks to Debbie Stauble for getting the word out about the show and to Jessica Dapsis for the venue and super yummy desserts and coffees available.  I met some outstanding people while explaining the whys and wherefores of some of the images.  I must say that a fun time was had by all!  The show continues until October 15th, stop by if you have time.

Care to guess who slept for 11 hours Friday night and Saturday night.  Saturday was a TV DVR marathon of shows I had missed while away punctuated by major dozing off.  It’s now Sunday and I’ve finally made it to the grocery store and farmers market here in Colchester this morning.  There are 4 days of newspapers on the couch still in their plastic bags.  They may get some of my attention for the afternoon while watching the Patriots in 36 minutes (but who’s counting}.  GO PATS!!!!

Please keep the folks in northeastern Colorado in your thoughts as they recover from the disaster out there. Below is the St Vrains River as it passes through LaPorte CO as it began to recede after the “flood of biblical proportions” earlier in the week. So the book is now closed on my 2nd trip to Northern Colorado.
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