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We were fog bound again this morning but it had started to lift by the time we headed into Fort Collins to do some errands. We had lunch at a charming Vietnamese restaurant the Saigon Grill 3 a tiny little place with really good food.
On our way home we detoured to see if we could view any of the flooding that was hopefully on it’s way out of town. In the town of LaPorte there is a newly rehabilitated park on the banks of the Cache le Poudre River where the Overland Trail crossed over heading west. The photographer in me wanted to see so I got out of the car, crawled under lots of yellow tape and smiled sweetly at the National Guardsmen stationed at the other side of the bridge. The river was still a raging torrent although significantly lower by perhaps 4′- 5′ judging by the mud and branches caught along the edges. On one of the walkways there was a dead fish, obviously left behind as the water had started to recede.
I followed a path that lead to a newly constructed bridge and ventured out onto it since I had just seen a young man in a wheelchair with his dog approaching from the other direction. I must admit that I did feel the bridge vibrating under the stress of the rushing water but returned safely to the car.IMG_6196