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So what’s new along the front range of the Rocky Mountains here in Northeastern Colorado? Did you hear that it’s been raining since last Wednesday? Local news stations are reporting flooding of “biblical proportions”. The power of water to create havoc is absolutely incredible.
Fortunately, as I mentioned in my previous post, I’m with friends who’s home is out on the high plains so although we are waterlogged, we are not in any danger.

I suspect that the financial losses here will be equal to or maybe even greater than those incurred by Hurricane Sandy last October along the NJ, NY and CT shores. All of this destruction may encourage the powers that be to make it more difficult or impossible to build or rebuild so close to areas that are potentially in harm’s way. (Just my opinion)
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The first photo attached is a panoramic view from Wellington looking west to north. The dark clouds are about over the Big Thompson Canyon (click on the image and you’ll be able to see the sheets of rain falling) and the Estes Park area then panning north toward the Wyoming border.

I’ll be returning to the east coast late Tuesday. News stations here indicate we will begin to dry out some time tomorrow. Just in time! As I said in my previous post, Please keep the people in the flood ravaged areas in your thoughts. ep