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When you make travel plans in advance you have to be prepared to “play the cards you’re dealt”.
News flash!!! There are a few patches of blue sky visible over the mountains but they will be short lived. Radar tells us the next wave of downpours is due around 3:00pm MDT

My plans for this trip included 3 days up in Estes Park with P to see the Longs Peak Celt Fest. We were fortunate enough to see it all! The Tattoo on Thursday evening, the clan tents and food trucks Friday afternoon and a fabulous foot stomping, hand clapping concert Highland Way, The Brigadoons and the Black Irish Bandthat featured on Friday evening. Saturday morning…brilliant blue skies, warm temperatures and the parade came marching down Elkhorn Avenue to the skirling of the bagpipers and drums keeping the rhythm. What fun cheering on the varied bands, clans and groups. Alas Clans Macintyre and Grant didn’t seem to be in attendance except for myself. And of course we visited lots of shops in Estes Park as well. We drove up to Estes Park through the Big Thompson River Canyon with the Big Thompson River flowing placidly beside us as we climbed up to Estes Park. This road is now closed and badly damaged.
We came back to Waverly late Saturday afternoon and I think except for meals we dozed on and off all day Sunday.
Monday and Tuesday were filled with grocery shopping, laundry and a variety of other chores and tasks.
My plans for the next few days included picking up a rental car, making hotel reservations and plotting my route on the terrific AAA maps and internet. Well, it turned out that there were no rental cars available on Wednesday so I opted for Thursday and Friday. I would visit Longmont, overnight there and then proceed up CO Rt 36 through Lyons which is a very quaint town that I had seen last year and then go up to Estes Park & Rocky Mountain National Park to visit some sites in the park that I hadn’t been able to visit last year.
Have you seen the news? Lyons is completely evacuated and isolated by the flooding of many creeks and rivers as well as the downpours flooding down off the mountains into the canyons. The Colorado National Guard is on the scene, a State of Emergency has been declared and lives have been lost.






IMG_0832 J, P and I are safe and comfortable since their home was built out on the high plains and not in the mountains or canyons as many, many people have chosen to do. They are safe here from virtually any fires or flooding. This was a conscious decision on their part to build here rather than in the “hills”.
So, this is the hand I’ve been dealt and it continues to play out. Our plans to attend a “Western History and Culture Day” at the Virginia Dale Community Club have been cancelled by the club due to the flooding. We have a party planned for Sunday afternoon that hopefully the guests will be able to attend. AND we’ll need to get to the grocery store as well.