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IMG_0760 Cannon Square

IMG_0762 inside gazebo

IMG_0765 Skippers' Dock

IMG_0763 Gazebo

CP and I decided that since we are both pilots (CP–ASEL, CFII and EP–AMEL, COMML)we would check out the 121 restaurant on the field at Waterbury Oxford Airport here in CT. Well, the day dawned with wx temps of around 90 degrees and humidity high. Not only that, it’s an hour plus drive from home. Alternate selected was Stonington Borough (shoreline, lower temps and cooling breezes). Following a safe landing in the borough we proceeded to peruse many of the charming shops and stunning homes on Water Street ultimately arriving at Skippers Dock for lunch. Since we were slightly ahead of the crowd, we scored a dockside table under an umbrella with a grand view of Stonington Harbor. After protracted discussions of the entire menu with numerous questions of our waitress CP settled on PEI mussels in a tomato based broth along with a small Gorgonzola salad. I opted for Block Island swordfish and the same salad. Our salads arrived and each would probably have fed 2-3 people. We found out later that the “large” is served in the equivalent of a large pasta bowl. Both meals were delightful. We lingered over glasses of Pinot Grigio declining any dessert although the dessert menu was very, very tempting.
After lunch we walked further down Water Street and found a “shoreline access” walk behind the old Monsanto building (now stunning condos) and of course the 2 intrepid photographers took a number of pictures. The images above are of Cannon Square (aptly named), the view in both directions from the “shoreline access” and of Skippers’ Dock from the walk. Our table was under the 2nd umbrella from the right and directly below but well protected from the seagull resting on the cupola.
Walking back to our car we visited several more shops before heading down to the fishing boat landing. Sigh…only one boat tied up. No pictures there!
So as the saying goes and the source of angst to my high school English teacher is the phrase “tired but happy the weary travelers wound their way home”.
ps: we agreed to visit OXC in the fall–more photo ops.