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IMG_0729 getting readyIMG_0733 copy gone sailing

A friend asked me recently what I had been doing. Well, my first reply would be “trying to stay cool” in this yucky, hazy, hot and very humid weather. Between my getting images ready for a small show in August and a myriad of domestic stuff the time seems to be flying by.

I’ve been taking part in an art class at the Colchester Senior Center on Tuesday mornings. A couple of weeks ago an idea was floated to go up to Putnam on a Friday evening to a paint bar called Artique a Paint Bar preceded by supper at the Vanilla Bean in Pomfret. Seven of us went up in 2 cars and were surprised at how cool it had gotten but we dined out on the patio anyway. We then went over to Putnam and checked out a really neat shop in the old Montgomery Ward building before heading to our class at the Artique. We had brought some wine and nibbles….plates, glasses and napkins were provided and we were off and running. 7 different versions of the demo image of 5 sailboats in a cove appeared during the class. It was fascinating to see how we all looked at the same image, received the same directions form Lisa (the artiste) and how different they all looked once completed. As for my image, I’ll stick to photography! Picasso has nothing to fear.

In case you’re wondering, that’s my masterpiece on the left end.

ps: As an experiment and demonstration of my lack of understanding how Facebook works, I’m going to post this on Facebook to see how it all works. I probably will not to that again! ep