The "Something Simple Cafe"

 Bel Adonis

IMG_5736 Evie and Teza

My first stop and the purpose of the trip was initially to retrieve a photograph of mine that had been part of an exhibition at the Trumbull Library in Lebanon CT. With that accomplished and the weather being spectacular I thought it would be nice to continue on to Hebron CT where there is a nice little café called The Something Simple Café. Although they have only been open a relatively short time it’s a very busy little shop. I ordered a latte and a slice of still warm banana bread and had a nice chat with one of the owners. Heading for home down Rte.16 I was passing one of the access and parking lots for the Airline Trail when Ispotted two horse trailers and three ladies with their horses. The Buick did a quick turn into the parking lot to check out the situation.
To make a long story short, one of the gals was someone I had known many years ago and lost track of. My knowledge of horses is limited to their color (black, brown, gray, spotted or combinations of same). I was introduced to Donnie, Evie and Teza and they graciously posed for some snap shots. Donnie is standing next to his trailer. What a great day!