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IMG_5238  Carol at bridgeCP-EP traveler 1 CIMG_0435 S very old siloIMG_5229 C reflectionIMG_5248IMG_5285 C Flag thru bridgeIMG_5282 bridge diamonds

Last week CP and I (aka 2 Ps) headed north on I-91 to check out the actual Vermont Country Store. We had received their winter catalogs and wanted to see the source “up close and personal” as they say. As usual there were detours along the way stopping first at the Kringle Candle Company in Bernardston, MA where we had a delightful lunch at their Farm Table restaurant. We were quite proud of ourselves when we didn’t venture in to their store. We had a goal to reach. But wait, another detour to check out Basketville in Putney VT. Did you know that there seems to be a basket to hold or decorate just about anything one could possible imagine. But onward, we spent quite a bit of time in the VCS taking many trips down memory lane. Yes, they do have just everything that’s in their catalog and samples of many cheeses, spreads, jams and dips as well. I brought home a small piece of 5 year aged cheddar cheese that is out of this world.
The next morning we headed out after breakfast to explore a route that I had discovered in the guest information book in our hotel room. It offered 4 covered bridges in southern New Hampshire visible on a 12 mile loop. I must say we did more than 12 miles due to a couple of right turns when we should have turned left but things like that are all part of the adventure. We found all four and took numerous photos as proof and yes, it was quite cold, partly cloudy and quite windy. The gal in the green jacket is CP and the fisherman knit sweater is me. We were quite close to Keene, NH so headed into town for some hot coffee. I was quite taken with Keene and would love to spend a lot more time in Keene as it reminded me a great deal of Fort Collins CO. Both being college towns with lots of neat or quaint shops, restaurants and galleries beckoning as well as what I believe will be some fine photography opportunities. Hmmm, snow covered hamlet, holiday lights……
What’s next? Who knows……..You will simply have to check back from time to time.
By the way, did you notice the penguin in the photographs?