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One day last week I received a phone call from Jason Harris, a Staff Reporter for the “Reminder News”. This is a weekly paper with local news editions by town. We had a nice chat and then I got quite busy selecting additional images to be shown at the reception we had last Sunday at the “Shops at Marlborough Barn. When I picked up my mail this afternoon at our clubhouse I noticed that the new issue of the “News” was on the rack. I picked one up as I always do because there are local sale flyers and coupons as well as news in each issue. Imagine my surprise when there on the front page I read “Photo Exhibit by CT Wanderer!!! See page 12.”
This is a local paper bearing little resemblance to the “Times” or “Hartford Courant” but what a nice write up Jason did (in my humble opinion).
I would also add that the photo of yours truly is actually an image done by a very good friend, Carol Phelps. She insists that she is going to charge me for using it! Just between you and me, I’m sure she’s kidding.
If you’d like to read the article visit the Reminder News website and using the map of CT in the upper right corner, select “Marlborough”. The article is there under the title “Local Photographer…..”