Well it’s about time I close out my Colorado adventure with a brief summary. J and P were such excellent tour guides and hosts that I really don’t think I missed too much of Northern Colorado and Southern Wyoming. Yes, horses do ride on the sidewalks. Check out the photo of the evidence! Seriously, virtually every one I met: sales people, friends of J and P, people on the streets and visitors like myself at different venues as well as the fabulous Fort Collins Senior Center were so friendly, interested and interesting as well as helpful. The Rockies were spectacular, the high desert was stunning in it’s own right and the weather could change minute by minute. Everywhere I looked I saw beautifully maintained public parks.

You are probably asking why I don’t move there since I have so many good things to say about Colorado….the answer is very simple, there is no salt water (ocean type not fish tank type) within 100 miles! I truly enjoyed every minute I spent but this is home.

The attached images are taken through the window of “my” SWAir 737 looking back at the snow and ice coated jetway.

As for Sandy, she can go back where she came from! But then again, it could be time for a road trip to check the surf! You never know…………………just keep an eye out for a green Buick with Connecticut tags. ep