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I was just a little disappointed this morning when I looked out the back windows of my hotel room. No deer! Oh well, they certainly got my day off to a great start yesterday.
So, CO Rte 36 W to link up with I-25S down through Denver to the exit for Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak. The southbound traffic on I-25 S was moving along nicely but I surely can’t say the same for the northbound side. It was a veritable parking lot. I thought that bu 10:30am all the Denver workers would be at their desks. No, they were sitting on the interstate.
Thank goodness for my little GPS. “Gertrude” got me right to the parking lot for the Pikes Peak Cog Railway with time enough to have a sandwich and more water. Apparently that’s the secret to avoiding altitude sickness, sips and sips of water, gallons of the stuff! Manitou Springs (home of the Cog Railway) is at 6,300′. Sip, sip.
The trip up to 14,100′ +/-was an adventure in it’s own right. At times we were climbing or decending a 25% grade. That means that for every 100′ you travel, you climb or descend 25′ By comparison there is a 7% grade on Rte 16 in Colchester going toward East Hampton and that’s steep enough for me.
Was it cold up there? The air temperature was hovering around 21 degrees F but the wind chill drove it down to 1 (yes one) degree F. We were on the summit for about 30 minutes. Fortunately the cafe/gift shop/restrooms were toasty warm. The trip down was uneventful and pleasant since we were all chatting about our trip.
So, safely down, checked into my hotel, had some supper sipped and sipped and slept soundly. What will tomorrow bring?