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What a day!! This morning when I opened the drapes on the back window there was a deer munching away on the greenery. She waited while I retrieved my camera battery from its charger and took the first photo. Since she didn’t move I took a couple more. Then I got brave and moved closer to the window and looked out to both sides. On the left was her fawn down on all 4 knees? watching her eat. As you can see the fawn was not phased by my picture taking. I left mom to finish her breakfast and when I looked out again, she was gone; or so I thought. She and her fawn were both resting just to the left of my window. What a way to start the day.
After breakfast I headed for CO Route 36 to visit more of RMNP, particularly Sprague Lake and the Glacier Basin. Off I went. I could hardly believe my eyes. I was right, those were elk on the 9 hole Estes Park Golf Course. Obviously I had to stop and visit with the elusive beasts. Back on Rte 36 again it seemed as if I was on the road for a long time. When I looked at the compass on the dashboard I realized I was heading the wrong way on Route 36! I was heading east instead of west! On the way back into Estes Park to correct my misdirection, I saw a sign for “Big Elk Meadows”: it sounded interesting so up I went. And up and up and up! Yet another twisting, turning AND climbing Colorado road. Of course there’s no place to turn around, at least not if you wanted to live to talk about it! Finally a sign for Big Elk Meadows “private, keep out! ring the buzzer and the gate attendant will let your host know you are there and they will buzz you in”. Oh well, at least there was room to turn around! On the way back down, there were some aspen trees still wearing their golden leaves. Back on track (Rte 36 W) again. The Basin was closed for the season but Sprague Lake was beautiful and I even got some photos of trout swimming in the shallows. I know where the fish are in the photos but they’re hard to find otherwise.
My high school english teacher always hated this phrase in any writing we did but this time it’s true. “Tired but happy the weary travelers returned home” to their hotel room.”
Tomorrow, all things being equal, it’s off to Manitou Springs and Colorado Springs and Pikes Peak! What amazing things I saw today by luck, by mistake and by chance.