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The alarm clocks went off very early on this morning. We had to be at the Fort Collins Senior Center at 7:00am MDT! That was the anticipated arrival time of the people who were going to set up the tipi. Well, we all know how these things work and the team didn’t arrive until almost 8:00am. They were incredibly efficient and with little outside assistance three people erected and outfitted this 20’+ tipi in about 1 hour. It was set up inside because the winds can be incredibly strong and while I’m sure the tipi could withstand the wind, the decorations and furnishings would undoubtedly wind up in Ohio!
The main entrance foyer of the Sr Center was barely able to accomodate this dwelling. I understand a huge Christmas tree is erected there in December. The Center itsself defies description. There are shops fitted out with the equipment for woodworking, pottery, sewing and on and on. There is a pool and hottub, walking track, exercise equipment and the monthly calendar of events is virtually full.
Back to the tipi. There are photos of the interior with real buffalo robes, beautiful pieces of beaded clothing, baskets and cooking tools. Also I’ve inserted a photo of a manequin wearing a deerskin dress decorated with elk teeth and lastly the neck of a dress with fancy bead work around the neck. The tipi will remain up until the end of the month.
I then said good bye to J and P and ventured out on my own. First destination was back to Estes Park. Since the wildlife chose to ignore us on our first trip I thought it was appropriate to give then a second chance to appear. After a stop at the Estes Park tourist information center I was ready to take on Rocky Mountain National Park. But wait! what’s for lunch? So, after lunch I headed into RMNP via route 34 toward to Sheep Lakes and Many Parks Curve. There were a number of white knuckle twists and turns but many stunning vistas along the way. Where are the elk? Sheep Lakes was a victim of the very dry summer that Colorado has experienced. The meadows around the lakes seemed like the perfect place for elk to gather. On to the Many Parks Curve at 9,640′ Yikes! and a really tight hairpin turn as well. I suspect that I was fortunate that the rest of the Trail Ridge Road was closed for the winter. Just looking at the map was enough for me. The elevations ranged between 10 and 12,000′ Well, what do you know! There is wildlife in RMNP! So its back to Estes Park to check out a few of the shops, pick up a light snack for supperand wonder what I’ll see tomorrow.