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Today is buffalo/bison day”. I picked up a rental car in Fort Collins and headed north on I-25 to a bison ranch. I wanted to see some of these creatures up close and personal. Well EP, be careful what you wish for! I had a guided tour by one of the hands on the ranch. We went out onto the range and there they were several hundred of these huge animals. Of course there were babies too but those were the biggest babies I’ve ever seen. Complete with horns they were! James, the ranch hand had some “treats” that looked like wine bottle corks but they were a compressed blend of alfalfa, hay and molasses. Now, doesn’t that just tickle your taste buds? Well, the bison just loved it. They did get a bit rowdy jostling for position but in the end, I think all had their share. As we toured the range James pointed out a number of bison up on the crest of a hill. They were part of a herd of 5000! bison belonging to the Iron Mountain Ranch.
It will be an early night to bed for us. We need to be at the Fort Collins Senior Center to witness and possibly assist in the raising of an honest to goodness tipi in the foyer of their center. I know there is a very high ceiling but really….A Tipi??