It’s actually Saturday morning as I write this. We are experiencing some very welcome and much needed rain. It is accompanied by some very gusty winds at times. A good day to stay inside “hunkered down” as they sayl
Last night we were treated to and evening of Hgh Plains American Indian regalia, dance, drums and feasting. The regalia was stunning, some outfits were completely covered with silver bells, others with feathers and exquisite beading. These individuals, young and not so young dance to the beat of three very large drums. The men beating these drums were occasionally joined by some of the women of the group to extend the range of the song. The dancers themselves were amazing. Some danced to a slow beat, symbolizing walking of the earth and others danced to a frantic beat, twirling, jumping and spinning so that their feathered regalia stood out around them.
The feasting included a very tasty stew accompanied by cornbread which you could dress with honey if you desired and a dessert of mixed fresh fruits sprinkled with slivered almonds. All in all, a totally different experience for this Connecticut Yankee!