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In order to reach Laramie, Wyoming we drove through the Cache La Poudre Canyon with towering rock walls on either side. The Cache la Poudre River runs beside the road we travelled and it was possible to see the ash deposited as silt in the river left by the High Park forest fire that was just recently extinguished. Fly fishermen seemed to be at every bend in the river.
Upon emerging from the canyon, we were once again on some beautiful high desert areas including the Arapaho National Wildlife Refuge. As a side note, the state of Colorado is very generous with pullouts along the roads as well as scenic overlooks and immaculate “facilities”. Lunch was in Walden. Not a pond in sight however. Then on to Laramie and the University of Wyoming. We drove over to the campus to see the university mascot, a huge likeness of Chief Washakie, warrior chief ready to do battle from his equally impressive horse. The detail was amazing down to the beading on his moccasins and chaps. The statue is located in front of McIntyre Hall. It’s a shame they didn’t spell McIntyre correctly!