It’s Estes Park today. Once again, the drive up to Estes Park was a trip through canyons strewn with fallen boulders, gravel and smaller chunks of the mountainsides. The Big Thompson River followed our route into Estes Park. Once we had parked our vehicle, we walked down to the business district and priorities being what they are, lunch came first. Our waiter was a delightful red headed young man with a great sense of humor and outgoing personality. He will be heading to college in 9 days and we wished him well. It was buffalo burger time for me. Very tasty!
Thus reenergized we ventured into a number of shops. My favorite was the shop with the gorgeous Christmas doorhanging visible. It was not a Christmas shop per se but had unusual and beautifully made decorations and useable items such as fancy dish towels, salad sets etc. Way too many to describe but yours truly may try to duplicate the door decoration for the holidays.
By the way, that’s P in the photo of the restaurant where we had lunch.
Another different route home. I really think that J is trying to keep me confused so that when I head off on my own I won’t know where the *&^ I am. trusty little GPS has “home” programmed into it.
Dinner out last night at the CharBroiler. J had wild salmon, P had a steak and I had grilled Rocky Mountain trout almondine. All were delicious.
Tomorrow we’re off to Fort Collins for an Indian Regalia Dance, music and dinner. It should be fun. I’ll keep you posted.