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As I make my way through the processes necessary to set up this site, I’m asking myself this very question.  Truth be told, I made an attempt at this very process about a year ago and abandonned it.  So now, a year older (read “wiser”) I’ve decided to follow through to completion. 

There is a second motive as well.  I’m a photographer and think that this might be an interesting way to share my photo excursions as well as some of my photographs.  What do you think?  Honest answers please. 

I’m heading to Fort Collins, Colorado in a few weeks to visit some very good friends I  met on a cruise up the Inland Passage in Alaska.  I’m looking forward to seeing the Rockies, perhaps with a dusting of snow on top, maybe there will be a few aspens still bearing their gorgeous leaves and whatever else comes my way.  I’m a firm believer in “look around Eleanor“.  I’m often amazed at what I see. 

We’re making plans to more or less immerse ourselves in Plains Indian culture, including foods, music, dance and history.  And my host will be celebrating a birthday during my visit.  I understand there’s to be a chuck wagon dinner planned for the evening.  Dang it, I don’t have any cowgirl boots!  Yes, I know there are stores in Colorado that sell those very things. 

I’m hoping to write a post every few days to keep an online journal of my trip.  When I return, I’ll continue to include bits and pieces of other trips I’ve taken or plan on taking.