“If you’re fond of sand dunes……”


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An altogether too short trip to Cape Cod renewed my love for the Cape.. I was attending a CAFCA conference of Community Action Agencies throughout New England at the Sea Crest Hotel on Old Silver Beach in North Falmouth, Massachusetts..
The topics of the session were timely and were tailored to be appropriate to either Board Members (me), Directors and other staff from these agencies.

The hotel was lovely and the staff extremely pleasant and helpful. When I’ve traveled in the past and brought a bathing suit, my room has been miles removed from any swimming pool or beach and I’m not one to waltz through an entire hotel lobby to get to a pool.  Well, we all know who did not bring a suit.

Yes, my room looked out onto a lovely salt water pool accessible through a door conveniently located beside my windows and the beach was maybe 100′ away and readily accessible as well.
I had arrived early on Sunday morning and planned to do some sightseeing since the weather was spectacular.

I drove to Woods Hole specifically to see and photograph the the Nobska Lighthouse. Yes, that’s it totally wrapped in some protective covering as it undergoes major restoration.
I have memories of staying with a girlfriend and her family when I was around 10 years of age at a beautiful home in the area. My parents had come down from the Boston area to visit as well and I still remember walking down the hill from the house with my dad, crossing some railroad tracks that are now a bike trail while singing “Down By the Station….” at the top of our lungs. I found the site once again and as I was driving down the hill, yes you know what I was singing.

I stopped at one of the many beaches, took my shoes off and rolled up my pants legs. The beachcomber in me wanted to find treasure but I think the just passed storm had washed everything out to sea. nonetheless the water was lovely. Crystal clear and calm.

I’ve included some photographs of the views at Nobska Lighthouse. the Sea Crest and Old Silver Beach.

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Walking the Airline Trail

The Airline Trail follows old railroad tracks that once ran through Colchester Connecticut. The tracks have been removed and a dirt road follows the old roadbed. I’ve lived in Colchester for almost 8 years and up until today had not set foot on this trail.
Our Senior Center has a group that walk part of the trail on Wednesday mornings so I thought…what the heck….I’ll just show up and join them.
There were a grand total of 2 cars in the parking lot and one of them was mine. So I set out on the trail to see what I could see.
There is a shop at the Colchester entrance to the trail that rents bicycles for what I assume are reasonable rates but I wasn’t ready to put the chunky chick on a bike. At least not yet!

At the entrance to the trail is a small tile with friendship rocks around it.  Some thoughtless person broke the tile but it appears that a Good Samaritan had placed them where they belong.

I walked 1.25 miles out and back returning to the car just as the heat was rising along with the humidity. Thank you Irma. And yes, I did take some photographs.
I’ll be honest, I was poorly prepared for a late summer walk. I was quite thirsty when I returned to the car and headed for the Senior Center where I know there is a cool, clear water dispenser. There is a porta-john at the entrance to the trail sponsored by Reliable.
Although I was alone, I knew there were other walkers, bikers and I’ve even seen horse vans parked at the Hebron CT junction with the Trail.
There were times when it was totally quiet and others when the raucous birds were making their collective presences known. Numerous scents tickled my nose but I’m not sneezing yet. Ragweed seemed to be the flower of the day but there were numerous samples of Mother Nature’s handiwork to be seen and photographed.
So readers, it has been a few hectic weeks coupled with a slight attack of shingles in my scalp; hence the shaggy dog look. Yes, I had gotten the shot a year or two ago.
My friends in Florida and the Caribbean are safe thank goodness but those who received so much damage to property are in our thoughts.

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Buttonwood Farm


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Plans were made, cancelled and remade. Buttonwood Farm was having it’s annual “Sunflowers for Wishes” event all week. If you’re not familiar with this event, it is the farm’s fundraiser for the “Make a Wish Foundation” raising well over $100,000 every summer from the sale of the farm’s sunflower bouquets.
The weather has not been great. (major understatement). But by

Monday the weather gurus were promising a glorious day today (Wednesday) and I took them at their word.
I picked Shel up at 9:15 this cool, sunny, low humidity morning, arriving at Buttonwood’s shortly before 10:00 AM. We were not the first to arrive but as the morning wore on, we were glad we had arrived as early as we did.A new feature had been added since my last visit.  A “cow train” for the youngsters. Each child has his or her own “cow” to sit in.   It was really quite cute and the little kids loved it.
We bought our tickets for the hay wagon ride to see the layout of the farm stopping to feed some beautiful cows with hay that had been conveniently left under our seats and another photo-op in the middle of 450,000 sunflowers. The driver had explained to us that the farm had planted that many seeds at staggered intervals in May to ensure a continuing bloom during this special week.
Well, Shel and I got separated in the field of blooms but we eventually emerged and agreed that it was quite a site to behold.
Did I mention that in addition to the sale of sunflower bouquets that this is a farm known for miles around for it’s ice cream?? Have you ever had ice cream and only ice cream for lunch?? We did! Shel had a scoop of a peanut butter concoction and a scoop of “dark and stormy” I believe. It looked delish! As for me, I passed on my usual chocolate chip types of Ice cream and opted for “tropical”. A scoop of key lime pie ice cream topped with a scoop of coconut ice cream. Sublimely delicious. Yes, a pun intended!
The parking lot by then was filled, infants to grandparents by the score, the road out in front chock-a-block with cars but everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves. The Buick was well behaved as we extricated ourselves from the parking lot and headed back to Colchester.
I’m a volunteer receptionist at the Senior Center on Wednesday afternoons and I had made them aware that I might be a few minutes late. The AM receptionist kindly stayed on until my arrival (only about 5 minutes behind my scheduled start time). it was a quiet and uneventful afternoon following our morning of kids, cows and cones.  If you have “bee” issues, please be aware that they are in the fields with the flowers.

Enjoy the images, make a trip out to the farm this week..google will give you all the information.  As always, click on any image to begin your slide show.  ep

Baseball, hot dogs, apple pie and fireworks??


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An almost perfect end to this July 4th. What’s not to love? All of the main heading of this post of course.
1. Baseball: The Ct Tigers were scheduled to play the Vermont Lake Monsters at 7:05 PM this evening.
2. Hot dogs were a “buck”. That’s what the marketing piece said.
3. Another perk: free apple pies to the first I don’t know how many
4. Fireworks after the game sponsored by Navy Federal Credit Union.
To be continued: it’s 11:50 PM and I can’t stop yawning.

AHHH, 8:30 AM,  toast, coffee and yogurt

I arrived at Senator Thomas Dodd Memorial Stadium a bit early, walked into the stadium, stopping  to chat with some young ladies from Navy Federal Credit Union who sponsored the fireworks display.  I had found, on line, a front row seat in Section 7 overlooking the Tigers’ dugout.  the game got underway on time and sadly, the outcome was not what was hoped for by the 6,200 +/- fans.  Vermont Lake Monsters 5, Tigers 4.  After dark, we were treated to a “blizzard” of moths.(no exaggeration)   Apparently they were drawn to the lights!  (yuck)

It was truly a fun, family event with little challenges for a few kids, sincere thanks conveyed by the announcer to the veterans and civil servants, a beautiful rendition of our National Anthem sung as it should be by a lovely young woman.  During the 7th inning stretch after we’dall belted out a rousing rendition of “Take Me Out to the Ball Game” an older gentleman sang “America the Beautiful”.  Both of these solos were unaccompanied by any musical background and excellent.  The youngster sitting next to me had a ball tossed to him by one of the Tigers in the dugout right in front of us.  He was so thrilled!  The little girl who ran 3 bases was a trooper for sure!

Then: we were instructed by the PA system to count down from 10, the huge lights went down and BANG!  the show had started.

Finally:  the phrase one of my English teachers hated—–“a great time was had by all”.

But lets not talk about the traffic exiting the parking lots!  But Congrats to the Norwich PD for a job well done.

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Lavender Pond Farm visited again


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It’s been almost 2 years since I have visited Lavender Pond Farm in Killingworth, Connecticut. My friend Inge mentioned that she would like to visit this locale so off we went yesterday morning! It’s an absolutely stunning locale with multiple varieties of lavender stretching as far as your eye can see. What is the cost of admission you ask?? Free!
There are plants in full bloom, plants just waiting to burst into bloom, tiny little plants just starting to fill out. But that’s not all, there is a lovely gazebo where you can sit and people watch as many of us are wont to do, another sitting area with some shade and new since my last visit…..a chess board and chess pieces approximately 3’…yes 3 feet tall for your enjoyment and or amusement.
A word of caution, there are bees by the hundred feasting on the pollen of the lavender blossoms.
For you shoppers out there, a charming gift shop awaits you with everything lavender available for purchase including lavender plants and garden ornaments soaps, essential oils, sachets and pillows.
And yes, as you drove up, you may have heard a rooster announcing your arrival. All I can say is feel free to look around, don’t rush, it’s a very tranquil, sweet scented place to visit.  If you walk down the sloping driveway, there’s a beautiful little pond and a stone bridge over a trickling brook.

And by now it was lunch time so thanks to a call phone GPS I think we visited parts of Kansas but ended in Montville in a new Asian restaurant for a very tasty lunch with another pal, Bill.

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Look what I just made!!!


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Last week there was an article in our local weekly newspaper about “Pen-turning at Cragin”.
The location is our Cragin Memorial Library here in Colchester. “Central Connecticut Wood turners will be on hand with lathes and materials to help people make their very own wood pen“.
I had been thinking it might be interesting so I arrived at the library around 11:00 AM. There were 4 intimidating looking lathes set up and a number of club members there instructing attendees. I took a seat next to a gentleman who was waiting for his wife to finish her project and he very proudly showed me his pen. It was stunning!
Hmmm, can I possible do anything like that? It’s my turn now and Tom begins to show me what we have to do.
After an introduction to the lathe and the tools we donned our safety glasses and proceeded to remove all of the wood that was not “pen”. We started with 2 identical pieces of wood.

It took less than an hour from start to finish and I’m now the proud owner of a turned walnut wood pen which may be a birthday gift for someone near and dear to me.
This group of very talented individuals will be back in the local area (Lebanon) some time in June and yes! I’ll be there again.
The club members are very friendly, helpful, talented AND patient.  With special thanks to Tom and other people who took a number of photos of yours truly making the wood chips fly.

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The BGB wins again!


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As the Scottish poet Rabbie Burns was prone to say: “the best laid plans o’ mice and men gang aft aglee.
This morning’s plan: #1 leave the house at 6:45 AM to meet friends for breakfast at “the Shack” restaurant in Groton then return home and since it’s almost balmy outside I was “planning” on sweeping the sand and salt off the garage floor and tidy up the collection of stuff that had accumulated over the winter.
Part 1 of # 1 done!  Two blueberry pancakes, coffee and lots of good chatter.  The garage??  well there’s always tomorrow.
The way home from Groton includes a left turn out of the restaurant parking lot and north on Rte 12. The BGB had other ideas. She turned right! Apparently she wanted to check out the fog bound coast of Groton, so who am I to argue with 3,600 pounds of metal. Right turn it is!

First stop: We followed Shennecossett Road south then turned left onto Bayberry Lane and the State of CT DEEP Boat Launch.  NOW I discover that I only have my “in case you get into an accident, you have your little camera with you to take photos” or any newsworthy occurrences. Make it work EP! The raw, damp wind blowing off Long Island Sound didn’t deter me either.

Next, around Shennecossett Road to Eastern Point Beach parking area.  Still raw, damp and breezy but there were some interesting shots available. I also made a few one  minute +/- videos for a friend in Florida.  I passed a woman pushing a stroller who told me there was nothing to look at.  Save your breath EP.  The wind was blowing probably 10-15 mph, the fog horns were blaring and somewhere out in the fog the ferry to Fishers Island was blasting it’s horn as well.  I know this because I saw it coming down the Thames River and then whoops, where did it go.  Fog won again.  The only evidence left was the increased wave action along the shore.

So, in total I took about 50 photos and quite a few of course wound up in the “trash” when I downloaded them and cast a critical eye.  Attached are a few that I kept.

Heading home at last, passing “The Shack” one more time I made my last stop at “Angelo’s Bakery” (this fine shop can be found on Facebook.com) here in Colchester.  So, tomorrow’s breakfast is in the refrigerator: one of their cinnamon and raisin pastries and a small grinder roll–could become a tuna fish grinder tomorrow for lunch unless I change my mind.

PS:  In case you didn’t know “BGB” stands for Big Green Buick”.

Cabin Fever!


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The walls closed in one day last week after a long promised snowstorm that fell short of expectations.  After considering several options I headed for Norwich CT.  I had a few quick errands to do there so it made sense.

Cameras and a warm jacket, cell phone, good shoes and off I went.  There’s a site in Norwich known as “Indian Leap that I’ve visited once before during summer.  The problem I faced this time was the piles of snow pushed up by the plows that left no place for me to park the car!  Not do be outdone by some snow, I drove very slowly scouting possible parking places, not good, turned around and came back ever so slowly toward the location.  Hmm, a 2 or 3 family house with a cleared parking area and only one car parked there.  After much deliberation I pulled in, took my camera and I suppose you could say I tiptoed out of the parking area and crossed the street toward the Yantic River and the falls.

Yes, on my way but let’s be quick about this EP.

There’s a great railroad bridge at the same site and there are 2 images of the bridge in this post as well.  One is pretty straight forward, the other is cropped significantly and rotated.  Who ever said photographers don’t have any fun?  It’s a lot easier than me rotating 90 or 180 degrees.

Back to the business at hand, photography!  Yes I got some photos

There’s quite a story behind the naming of this falls.  If you’re curious here’s a link for you to research.  Norwich played an important part in the Revolutionary War as well.  Indian Leap at Yantic Falls

Headed home, hot soup and a cookie both home-made. Yummy

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Olde Mistick Village on a very cold evening


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My friend Shelly and I had decided about a week ago that we would like to see the holiday lights at the Olde Mistick Village on the evening of December 9th. As we prepared to exit I-95N at the Mystic off ramp it suddenly became evident that we were not the only people with the same idea. The beach traffic heading to Misquamicut Beach, RI on a hot summer day was nothing compared to this.
We were fortunate enough to find a parking space relatively close to the Village Shoppes and so off we went. And it was 28°F upon our arrival. However as long time New Englanders we both knew to dress warmly and I really was glad I had on as many clothes as I did because the temperature continued to drop so that when we reached home I think it was about 22°F
The crowds continued to grow exponentially as the evening wore on. Strollers abound, loose toddlers,dogs, parents, grandparents and virtual gridlock on the roads around the Village. Speaking of dogs, we went into Georgetti’s and there was a gentleman with a very large poufy dog with saddlebags strapped around it’s middle. In each of the pockets, there was a little puppy. The owner explained that he was a Belgian Shepherd Dog. I’d neither seen or heard of this breed but this was a delightful dog who loved to be petted and knew that he was the star of the show.
I am not complaining, simply trying to set the scene for you. As we continued to wander, we smelled the overpowering odor of warm chocolate wafting out the doors of “Franklin’s General Store”. Yes, we went in and joined the throng of chocoholics. As cold as it was outside, it must have been close to 80°F inside. Thoughts of “Frosty, the Snowman” melting were running through my mind.
After more than an hour of photography, shopping, window shopping and saying “excuse me” we decided it was time for a cup of coffee so we headed toward the “Bleu Squid”. Big mistake, they were totally overcrowded but Shelly did get a really good look at the display case full of cupcakes! A few more “‘scuse me’s” and we were out in the fresh air again BUT empty handed.
We agreed to brave the traffic and cross over to Starbucks and strange as it seemed, there were seats available and plenty of staff taking orders. I think we had seen our share of OMV so we headed back toward the car. I stayed in the car–warming it up again and Shelly took off for Bleu Squid for cupcakes.
She had succeeded in getting 2 cupcakes, one chocolate with chocolate icing and I’m not sure what kind she had for herself. While waiting for the intrepid cupcake hunter to return I’d mentally decided on our escape route from the village. Other than 1 red traffic light at the Hilton Hotel’s intersection we sailed out and homeward.
As always, click on any photo and your slide show will begin. And take a really good look, see if you spot the “partridge in the pear tree”.
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays to all of my wordpress friends. ep

ps:  It wasn’t snowing that night, wordpress adds the snow flakes for effect during December.  ep

‘Tis the Season


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Well, Thanksgiving Day, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are our rear view mirrors now.  The overdosing on turkey, stuffing, gravy, green beans of every ilk, cookies, fudge and pumpkin whats?…please say you’re kidding.

This past Sunday I met with my friend Inge at The Shack in Groton for breakfast.  I had no plans for the rest of the day other than to watch the New England Patriots sometime after 4:00 pm. (the couch was calling)  However, when Inge suggested a visit to the Mystic Aquarium followed by a visit to the gift shop at the Mystic Seaport:  off we went!

We were the first guests to arrive at the aquarium.  It was cold and windy but we had parking spots in front of the entrance and warm coats

.  Inge is a member of the Aquarium and I was her (+1).  We saw beluga whales, Stellar sea lions, fur seals (big guys) jelly fish and patted rays in their own  heated area.  I was totally enthralled by the multitude of habitats, colors of so many sea creatures that lost count shortly after arrival along with the delighted faces and voices of the youngsters as they viewed the same scenes.

We capped off our visit to the aquarium by viewing in 4D (3D plus sensory effects) a shortened version of “Polar Express” complete with flying snowflakes, rattling seats as our train headed north and the joy again of the youngsters both in the film and in the audience.

Mystic Seaport’s Gift Shop is a shopper’s delight.  But first we stopped in their café, sampled some super delish fudge then ordered clam chowdah.  Oh my goodness; rich-creamy-piping hot yumminess.  The store wasn’t particularly crowded so we were able to pause frequently to really check out many of the offerings.  As we were leaving, it was a different story with lines in the café and many shoppers arriving.

I love spontaneous adventures like this!  Plans made far in advance often fall victim to other issues resulting in changes and disappointments.

Now, we look forward to the Christmas Season and other holidays and the joy they bring.  Wishing you all the joys and happiness of the season and a sincere wish for a healthy, happy and safe New Year to all friends and followers.